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Well integrated technology should be seamless, ubiquitous, invisible, and necessary. Establishing clear connections between curriculum development processes and technology planning needs often require alterations in the status quo.


Reaching consensus on core values about the role of technology in learning and teaching — and making and keeping commitments to act upon them — takes more time and care than most schools are able to provide as they juggle dynamic, multiple priorities each year. Successful tech integration programs begin with a clear understanding of the institution’s goals. To ensure success, program objectives must be aligned with the institution’s mission. Our tech planning and integration audits provides schools with strategies, goals, and actions that can be used to develop a plan to move forward. Tech Integration requires building a culture and systemic shifts in the daily work of schools. We can support your school’s tech integration journey as you plan and move in the direction of a 1-to-1 program, aligning your IT systems and processes, to:

  • Enrich, reinforce and support classroom curriculum and communication with your school community

  • Complement classroom teaching and learning processes

  • Engage, excite, and empower students, teachers, and parents.


The School IT Infrastructure Audit is designed for school system administrators, school network specialists, school technology support staff and school IT staff. From server and directory management, to wireless infrastructure and classroom access to 1-to-1 devices, to responsive help-desk service, schools are provided with an assessment of their technology resources as well as guidance for creating and managing a secure, robust, reliable,  efficient and current technology infrastructure in an accelerating technology change environment. The guidance helps schools align their use of technology with their mission and impact student learning. 

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