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We support the work of the following schools and organizations.

  • Academia Cotopaxi, Quito, Ecuador

  • Agricolleges International, South Africa

  • Akiba Schechter School, Illinois, USA

  • American Community School of Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • American Community School – Amman, Jordan

  • American Embassy School, New Delhi, India

  • American International School of Bucharest, Romania

  • American International School, Chennai, India

  • American International School of Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • American International School, Vienna, Austria

  • American School of Bombay, Mumbai, India

  • American School of Dubai, UAE

  • American School of Guatemala, Guatemala City, Guatemala

  • American School in Japan, Tokyo, Japan

  • American School of London, United Kingdom

  • American School of Madrid, Spain

  • Anglo American School of Moscow, Russia

  • Avenues World School, New York

  • Bahrain Bayan School, Bahrain

  • British School Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Cairo American College, Egypt

  • Canadian Academy, Kobe, Japan

  • Canadian International School, Bangalore, India

  • Cary Academy, North Carolina, USA

  • Christ Church School, Mumbai, India

  • Digital Green, India

  • Dresden International School, Germany

  • Dulwich College, Shanghai, China

  • Eastern Public School, Bhopal, India

  • Frankfurt International School, Germany

  • French American International School, California, USA

  • Gandhi Bal Mandir High School, Mumbai, India

  • Graded School of Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • HELP International School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Holy CrossHigh School, Mumbai, India

  • Hong Kong Academy, Hong Kong

  • Institut International De Lancy, Geneva, Switzerland

  • International School of Bangkok, Thailand

  • International School of Basel, Switzerland

  • International School of Beijing, China

  • International School of Brussels, Belgium

  • International School of Dusseldorf, Germany

  • International School of Hyderabad, India

  • International School of Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya

  • International School of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • International School Manila, Philippines

  • International School of Panama, Panama City

  • International School of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  • International School of Turin, Italy

  • International School of Yangon, Myanmar

  • Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI), Mumbai, India

  • Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship (ISME), Mumbai, India

  • I Shou International School, Kaohshing, Taiwan

  • Jamnabai Narsee International School, Mumbai, India

  • JBCN International School, Mumbai, India

  • Knox Grammar School, New South Wales, Australia

  • Lakefield College School, Ontario, Canada

  • Manor Hall International School, Al Ain, UAE

  • Mayoor Private School, Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Mercedes-Benz International School, Pune, India

  • MiSK Initiatives Center, Saudi Arabia

  • Muktangan, Mumbai, India

  • Nagoya International School, Japan

  • Nanjing International School, China

  • Nexus International School, Putrajaya, Malaysia

  • Nishimachi International School, Tokyo, Japan

  • NIST International School, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Nord Anglia International School, Hong Kong

  • OneUp Library, New Delhi, India

  • Pathways School, Noida, India

  • Qatar Academy, Doha, Qatar

  • RN Podar School, Mumbai, India

  • Robert College, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Seoul Foreign School, Korea

  • Shantilal Shanghvi Foundation, India

  • Singapore American School, Singapore

  • Sreenidhi International School, Hyderabad, India

  • Stamford American International School, Singapore

  • St. Willibrord International School, Mumbai, India

  • Surabaya International School, Indonesia

  • Taipei American School, Taiwan

  • The Heritage Experiential Learning School, Gurgaon, India

  • The Heritage School, Rohini, India

  • The KAUST School, Saudi Arabia

  • United Nations International School of Hanoi, Vietnam

  • United World College, Changshu, China

  • University of Toronto Schools, Canada

  • Upper Canada College, Canada

  • Vienna International School, Austria

  • Vientiane International School, Laos

  • Zurich International School, Switzerland




“I valued the exposure to new concepts through active learning exercises that challenged me but also helped reinforce my understanding and appreciation of the need to strategically embed maker education into our students’ educational experience at all levels. The multiple examples of the various forms of integration after each concept were especially enriching.

Linus’ instructional approach is exceptional; he is a natural coach and treasure-chest of knowledge and skill. We greatly appreciate his ideas, support and leadership! What an inspiration to us all!

I plan to advocate for instructional time, space, materials and specialized faculty to promote maker education at all levels of the school – to all stakeholders: the Board of Trustees, administrators, educators, faculty, parents and students. Promote related training opportunities not only for CAG educators but also for others in Guatemala. Tell the story of CAG’s journey through initial steps of maker education to promote awareness and appreciation.”

“The combination of active learning, reflection, and sharing made this training extremely valuable for me. I also really appreciate the integration ideas! I believe I will also greatly value the extended follow up in the next few months; that is unique from other multi-day certificate trainings I have been involved in.”

“This was a very exciting, interactive class! I valued the pacing, the content, the time for classroom ideation and the collaboration! I will begin using ideas from this workshop next week in my class. I plan to start small, but eventually all of my content areas would be integrated, making it possible to seamlessly utilize my classroom and lessons with making.”

– Leadership & Teachers of the American School of Guatemala (CAG)


​“This was a great experience. It was tough to commit to 4 full days in the start up week of school but I tried to balance this out. The scaffolding and input sessions that were carefully balanced with long chucks of open ended time to put the ideas into action, the range and variety of skills and materials that were the focus. I hope to make this a broader conversation with the teachers in my division. There are lots of opportunities for us to build Making into our work in the ECC that would be meaningful and purposeful and this workshop has inspired me to start this conversation with the team

Thanks Linus, you were fab – inspiring, supportive and good humoured!”


Sasha Marshall

Head of Early Childhood

International School of Brussels

“Really enjoyed the ability to play around with a whole new range of materials. Linus did a great job of building complexity in the course so that I could find something to extend my knowledge and feel like my time was well used. Also appreciated the range of examples shown following each activity.”

“Learned a ton! Don’t feel as overwhelmed or intimidated when people mention programming, coding or circuits. There were a huge variety of activities that also could be connected throughout subjects. I appreciated how patient and flexible Linus was in both his instruction and the time allotted for the projects.”

“I really enjoyed the week and having time and space to try out so many different tech and maker skills with a teacher there to guide and support us on our making journey. It was so much fun and informative! I plan to implement many of the new skills I have learned during choice time and more integrated into our current units.”

“The workshop had both freedom and structure. I consider myself a beginner in all this, but at no stage did I feel lesser or holding others back.

I really appreciated Linus’ cool but professional demeanour + his broad knowledge. Having run many workshops in that past, I was really impressed with the structural flexibility and ease of differentiation that was afforded to each participant.”

– Leadership & Teachers of the International School of Brussels


“I enjoyed it and valued that it introduced making as integratable in many subject areas. I can see that kids would value it strongly as a way to take charge in a whole new way to inquire about the world and demonstrate their learning."

“I valued the points of view that the instructor shared with us and the exposure to new ideas. I plan to take all of the learning that I have done back to my classroom and have my students do more prototyping. I was impressed with the focus on language that Linus pointed out to us. I believe that it helps create a mindset and a way of thinking that Linus communicates effectively. He pointed out the need for empathy. I will take that back to my class. I also plan to incorporate technology as a material into some of the designs that I have my students do.”

The actual hands on experiences that mimicked the experiences our students, have opened up not only an understanding of what the successes feel like, but allowed for a better understanding of the possible challenges that will be faced and what we can do to limit those.

“I appreciate that the instructors from Consilience Learning have offered me lots of Maker ideas for future implementation. Many thanks, especially for Linus. He is very kind and patient instructor and he is very energetic  Maker with enthusiasm. “

“The hands on aspect of the program made it very easy to both learn, understand and envision how the resources could be used in my own classroom. Due to this understanding, I can easily see these learning activities being use much sooner rather than later. I”ve wanted to challenge my students to investigate more methods of making than simple hands on construction.

The second half of the workshop, focusing on digital making, has provided several options for doing this very thing. I have many students who shy away from more traditional construction methods and this will hopefully be a great way to give them the opportunity to build with their passions.”

“I valued the opportunity to explore resources and activities, to have time to think about how to use these tools, and to share ideas across the school. It is useful to see how the thinking process can be utilised at all levels and subject areas. Each of the activities have interesting ways to think and interact with materials and thinking. “

– Leadership & Teachers of I-Shou International School


“It was a whole new arena of learning for me. The Maker Learning programme has helped me shed my usual inhibitions against all things ‘Science’! It has been an amazing experience learning from Mr. Linus. I look forward to more integration of the Maker Learning approach in my teaching career.”

“I was amazed at the things learnt and the things I could do in a span of 4 days. The knowledge grasped and the hands on activities done was terrific. Hope to continue receiving a repeated guidance as we start the maker journey. Kudos!!”

“Every time I attend your workshops I become a more confident MAKER!”

“I plan to use some of the things I learnt to make my Subject more interesting and explore some more to move to the next level. I would also like to give my students the same feeling of empowerment that I felt while doing this workshop.”

“Makers programme has provided with the knowledge of integrating your curriculum to more of activity based learning empowering students to explore and innovate.”

“I valued being a special part of the bigger picture (Maker Culture). I hope to empower students to explore their potential of creativity with this unique opportunity. Consilience has helped me take learning to a whole new different level irrespective of age/grade of students. Every activity was super stimulating. THANK YOU!”

– Teachers of Mayoor Private School


“The resources and information provided was extremely useful and engaging. Keep up the outstanding work!”

“I valued the intro to coding and using Arduino. I liked the examples and resources provided. I intend to use Arduino in my curriculum and plan to merge design and coding into a unified program.”

“I learned so much as a result of how hands on it was. These different activities need to be done rather than just ‘taught’ and that was done during these classes. I also appreciated how we were given different ideas on how to use these in the classroom. Being taught the basics will make it much easier to teach to younger kids. Thank you so much!”

“Linus is fantastic. I really enjoyed his ability to work with all ability levels. I am definitely implementing these ideas into my classroom.”

“I loved that I was able to get hands on experience about how to teach hands-on in different ways that can all be done effectively and that allow students to learn with limited direct instruction. I hope to start turning my math and science classes into more of a making class.”

“I valued being able to construct something that came through a lot of success and failure. I valued the time that was given, and how I was to put myself in my students’ position to understand their frustrations and happiness.”

– Leadership & Teachers of Manor Hall International School


“The workshop was fantastic! I was able to realise the potential making has for students and educators, the mindset it builds, and the pedagogy. I feel more assertive of the fact that failing in a task is more importantly a feedback to revisit and restart. The process of learning is not less important than the product.”

“I valued the collaboration and the variation in materials and activities presented. Thank you for the consistency in the delivery of pedagogy and real world applications!”

“I plan to make a framework for my school and incorporate making to unleash the potential of all students and develop a maker mindset for educators and students.”

“This workshop really boosted my confidence and also taught me how to use Making effectively with the students. It was a wonderful workshop. Very well organized, very interactive, engaging and interesting! Thank you for being patient with us and helping us.”

“Wonderful Workshop! Thank you Linus!! It felt great! I never wanted the workshop to end!”

– Teachers of Sreenidhi International School

Eastern Public School_55f8fe761f196.jpeg

“Very practical, well organized and fun workshop. This is the future of education and Im grateful to be part of this. Every person can be creative. There is no such thing as failing as the process is the most important aspect. Learning can be made the most fun, practical, shareable and memorable experience through making. Most important skills developed within a student are : critical thinking, teamwork, efficient resource usage, planning and being organized. Every form of making can be applied in all contexts.”

“I value using my creative & critical thinking skills by trying out new ideas and discovered that I am a Maker! As an educator …I’ll use these teaching strategies to develop the same skills in my students and as a parent I am sharing Making with my kids.”

“Everything! The confidence, new learning, new experiences, and the HARD FUN! It was fantastic experience. Things that seemed complicated to me were taught in a very simple and logical way. I just loved the way it was planned and executed. I plan to start with small assignments in PYP but will be immediately integrating this into my upcoming PYP exhibition.”

“By the end of four days’ workshop, I learned so much that I never thought that I will ever be possible do (like coding). I feel knowledgeable to some extent and would like to go deeper as a Maker. I would like every student to be a Maker!”

– Leadership & Teachers of Eastern Public School


“It was the most engaging workshop that i ever did. i was able to learn so much in 4 days starting from first activity on making to the last one on Arduino.”

“I realised Making can be a real enabler in all spheres of life. It imparts life long learning and the skills imparted are much more important than some of the other seemingly important ones.”

“More than anything else, your pedagogy was excellent and everyone was engaged . You made it a great learning experience for us.”

“From the cardboard activity to the Arduino; EVERYTHING…. Just everything made me think how much i can explore with my students to increase engagement, not just with the curriculum but otherwise too. I’ll definitely be using these techniques with students to give them yet more ways to express themselves as well as their learnings.”

“The very fact that one doesn’t need a science background to be a Maker is awesome. Also the pedagogy followed in the workshop was very engaging.”


– Teachers of Heritage Xperiential Learning School


“This is the best PD I’ve ever taken, it was the right amount of activities and application of what we were learning. I valued the sharing of ideas and being introduced to new technologies and ways of making. I plan to integrate elements of Making into every subject I teach and each unit.”

“I learnt a lot about scaffolding and differentiation in Making. I have become resilient and had a great time collaborating with others. All of the activities were super engaging, I didn’t even notice the time. I am super excited to start applying what I learnt from the workshop and how I can extend it to a larger scale / audience like a community that will benefit from what I and my colleagues or students will create.”

“Linus was a great instructor with the ability to have fun, guide us, and still maintain a work atmosphere. I really valued the chance to experience new forms of building and making and I plan to incorporate this into the classroom and as a personal hobby.”

– Teachers of the International School of Hyderabad


Without hesitation, I would recommend Consilience Online for schools and individuals looking for online learning opportunities. They provide a quality learning experience for teachers and staff to further their professional development and job skills.

Renee Williams

Tech CoordinatorAmerican School of Dubai


We feel that equipping our students for lifelong learning and providing opportunities to master effective online learning skills before leaving school is important. Joining the Consilience Online Institutional Enrollment Program gave us immediate access to multiple providers, including those we had used previously, which was a great benefit. It’s a great experience, very professional. It provides lots of options. It’s a pleasure working with the team and we look forward to

many years together.

Julie Rihani

Special Projects Coordinator

American Community School Amman, Jordan


“My favourite part of the course was the flexibility. You could work ahead at any point and even if you fall behind, you can message your teacher and submit the assignment on alternative agreed date.”

“My favorite part of the course were the discussions. I felt I was able to express myself better in these forums.”

“My favorite part of the course were the discussions. I really enjoyed interacting with people I didn’t know from all around the world.”

“My favorite aspect of the course was the fact that it was individualized. We were able to work at our own pace.”

“I really like the feedback I receive from my teacher after every assignment. My teacher gives me a lot of independent feedback which is very useful for future tests.”

“I’ve always loved History and exploring it in terms of art was great. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m glad I’ve done it. The best part of the course for me was the way the course was very engaging and demanded focus. I completed it successfully by managing my time well. I did a few sections each day, that way it did not become overwhelming and did not take away time from my regular school classes. This allowed me to finish ahead of schedule, and I did not have to rush and stress towards the end of my course. For the Art History course, I advise that notes be taken because it is very content heavy and requires a proper understanding of key concepts.”

“I really enjoy the material that we are learning. Bioethics can be challenging, however it is interesting to learn and know about the different topics and aspects of this subject.”

“The challenges (assignments) in this course as I actually learn from those questions. The resources given to us are really helpful and useful.”

“I enjoy the content that we are learning. In school, we never go into this much detail about each thing that we learn, and here it picks up from certain things that we learned in school and goes into more detail.”

– Students on our Online Learning Catalog


Thank you very much for all your help. This is the best $500 we’ve ever spent. You’ve made it possible for us to go from 0 to a full blown online program with almost no effort and skipping all the lessons that you’ve already taken care of for us.

Jon Cain

High School Assistant PrincipalInternational School of Kenya



During early 2016 AGRICOLLEGES international identified the need for Agricultural training in Africa, at below graduate level. After a comprehensive needs analysis, it was decided to walk away from physical bricks and mortar institutions and follow the route of online learning.

Many hours was spent on identifying the perfect Learning Management System for the rural African environment. Through the issuing of a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP), D2L’s Brightspace was awarded the contract. The next phase was to identify the suitable Instructional Designers that could convert the written word into the correct format for Brightspace and ensure that it remains relevant to the African market.

Consilience Learning was identified as a world leader in the field of Instructional Design. To date Consilience has completed the Instructional Design work for a number of short skills courses as well as a 1 year certificate. Agricolleges and Consilience have signed a long term agreement and the project continues without any problems.

The quality of work done by Consilience and the support given to Agricolleges, has been outstanding.

Agricolleges looks forward to building on the relationship into the future.

Wynand Espach
Agricolleges International

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