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7 out of 10 change initiatives fail across all organizations. School Innovation that depends on lone geniuses, splashy initiatives, or isolated efforts fail over time and can leave institutions resistant to new opportunities, but schools that systematically create and develop sustainable innovations increase momentum and capacity to create their future. Consilience supports school leaders and school innovation teams to develop and grow the mindsets, systems, and tools they need to lead the daily work of creating, developing, and embedding successful innovations that impact and transform their institutions.

Creating and implementing new innovations require successful planning and execution. Consilience supports schools to start, grow and sustain successful new innovations through Leadership Coaching, Systems Development, Accelerators, and Essential Conditions.

INNOVATION COACHING – Innovation starts with leadership. Consilience supports teams to develop the five discovery skills of successful innovators, and equip them with research-based practices and processes for creating successful innovations.

SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT – Sustaining innovation in schools requires planning, creating, and introducing a system that functions to create successful innovations for specific school contexts.

ACCELERATORS – Accelerators enable teams to envision, plan, and manage individual innovation cycles through stages from a high-impact opportunity to an embedded change.

ESSENTIAL CONDITIONS – Essential Conditions for successful innovation are the assets that exist, and can be created or developed by teams in their contexts to support and advance successful innovation work.

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