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Differentiating Curriculum for Online Learners 


With students learning at their own pace at home, it often becomes difficult to manage the diverse needs of learners and keep up with their varying speeds. Learn to meet students at their pace and develop lessons that allow for growth by differentiating with projects.


1. Increasing or decreasing content knowledge for a single lesson

a. Modeling how to modify the content knowledge in a lesson

b. Practice modifying content in a given lesson

c. How to help students who are struggling if the content is difficult

2. Using Project Based Learning to differentiate

a. What is PBL and what are the benefits?

b. Giving students voice and choice in their learning

c. Connecting to real-life scenarios

d. Developing project lessons

3. Creating a Lesson Menu for Student Choice

a. Meaningful side projects and extensions

b. Contextualizing through new mediums

c. Student made learning materials

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if you would like to offer this course for your faculty.



Mark Barnett is passionate about Project-Based Learning and teaching students to create with technology. With 14 years of experience in STEAM and maker education and online teaching, he has consulted with teachers and administrators all over the world to set up and design impactful learning experiences with makerspaces and related education themes. He has also been teaching teachers how to transition to virtual, self-paced and digital instruction, modeling on best practices from experts all over the globe. Mark also speaks internationally about equity and access to STEAM and maker education, most notably at the Stanford FabLearn Conference, MIT Libre Learn Lab, SXSWedu, EARCOS in Bangkok, UNESCO in India and at 21st Century Learning in Hong Kong. Mark spends his free time travelling and learning with his family while working on a PhD in Computer Engineering to study how students construct and relate to new knowledge.

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