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This workshop will teach participants how to activate socio-emotional learning through drama. Every method in Drama Based Learning (DBL)involves working with human interaction and interpersonal engagement, key requisites for socio-emotional-learning. Deployed correctly, DBL approaches can be woven into a school’s teaching and learning culture as a means to foster strong Socio-Emotional Learning opportunities at multiple points in the student’s daily experience.

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What is the connection between Drama Based Learning and Social Emotional Learning?

Role-play and the construction of imagined scenarios give participants an opportunity to experientially investigate real world scenarios and cultivate empathy and understanding for the characters and circumstances involved. The DBL environment  is a safe space for personal expression in action, emotions and thoughts. Participating and witnessing an act of Drama constantly exercises the muscles of critical thinking, collaboration, self-reflection, emotional regulation, empathy, and listening – all building blocks of SEL. 


Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop is most suitable for school leadership, curriculum leaders, co-ordinators and specialist teachers seeking to deeper understand DBL’s effectiveness in Socio-Emotional Learning and how to meaningfully integrate DBL methods into the school’s curriculum culture.  



Participants will understand specifically how the multiple qualities of Drama Based Learning  work as a highly effective medium for learning and how they specifically map to Socio-Emotional Learning. 

Participants will be able to effectively re-imagine ways to implement DBL opportunities in their schools, by gaining an insight into similar projects and initiatives or knowing what to look for when developing an integrated DBL program in their school.  

Participants should also be able to effectively advocate for building DBL into their school cultures. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Experience first hand and understand the effectiveness of DBL.

  • Learn to practice a number of key DBL strategies, tools and processes for use with their teachers and children.

  • Develop the capacity to read and pick-up other DBL methods and tools that are shared with them.

  • Understand and take away knowledge of various school wide integration strategies for DBL practices through case studies and exemplars.

  • Develop a preliminary road map (with 3 first-steps) for implementing a DBL initiative at their school.

What will be covered in the modules?



DBL  is whole body, whole mind, experiential learning, that engages the learner completely.  

We understand why Drama works as an ideal medium for learning. And how Drama make learning more engaging and memorable.We explore these questions to understand how drama awakens multiple skills, awarenesses and competencies in the learner.

This module further explores how DBL enhances teacher and student interaction, the power and principles behind the DBL safe space, and its role in risk-taking, personal expression and mindfulness.


Social interaction lies at the heart of every Drama based activity. It involves contact, communication and the negotiation of meaning and meaning-making in a group context. 

The learning opportunities provided by drama games and exercises, promote strong opportunities for interpersonal connection. Role playing, Imagined situations form a core pillar of DBL and provide multiple opportunities to  real-world situations in the safe space of a simulated environment.

Through these strategies, participants improve social, intellectual and emotional muscles for better life readiness.


There are many different ways DBL can be deployed in a school’s learning and teaching culture, through projects, school wide initiatives, or creative ways of utilizing the drama teacher outside their classroom and subject in the timetable. This module provides an opportunity to understand these strategies and see how best you can bring these DBL strategies into your own school.

Session Leader


Jehan Manekshaw is the Founder Director of Theatre Professionals. He is also Founder and Head of School at the Drama School Mumbai. (Theatre Professionals Education believes that drama can transform teaching and learning, and is a highly effective means to help develop better human beings. Our own personal experiences and decades of research have demonstrated beyond any doubt, that engaging with drama equips people with the essential qualities and skills with which to become meaningful, mindful contributors towards a better society.)  

For Theatre Professionals Education, Jehan’s efforts are towards devising end-to-end solutions for educational institutions who want an autonomous Drama department. He has worked with multiple school leaders, principals and teachers to develop workable strategies on how to meaningfully integrate drama practices into schools’ curriculum cultures. Jehan has presented workshops at numerous conferences and schools, and consults with institutions and education solutions companies to see how drama can be incorporated into general educational practices. Jehan has taught as guest faculty at several universities including Ninsasam Theatre Institute, Attakallari Centre for Movement Arts, St Xavier’s College, Mumbai, Shinshu University, Japan, and the National School of Drama’s Theatre In Education division in Agartala. He also has directed numerous plays in different languages in India, the US, UK, and Japan. When not working as the Director of Theatre Professionals, Jehan directs plays across languages and cultures; his credits include directing Shakespeare’s Othello in Kannada at the Ninasam Theatre Institute in Karnataka, and Eklavya in Japanese at the Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre, in Japan.

For his contribution to the Indian theatre sector, Jehan has received Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar, an award conferred by the Sangeet Natak Akademi, the Indian government’s apex body for performing arts and culture. Jehan has a BA, Theatre Direction, Wesleyan University, USA, MFA Theatre Directing, Birkbeck, University of London.


Cancellation Policy: All registrations are final and non-refundable. Registration is, however, transferrable. If you cannot make it to the event, please find a colleague to attend in your place.

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