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Certificate on Redesigning for Deeper Learning

Consilience is pleased to offer the Certificate on Redesigning for Deeper Learning. This Certificate will have 5 Professional Learning Tracks for international school educators that are focused on Instructional (Re)design for Deeper Learning, greater Student Agency, more Authentic Work, and Rich Technology Infusion. 

In the teaching and instructional coaching tracks, our facilitator, Dr. Scott McLeod from the University of Colorado Denver, will use the 4 Shifts Protocol to frame our instructional work 

together. The protocol contains concrete, specific 'look fors' and 'think abouts' that allow educators, coaches, and instructional leaders to shift students' instructional work in deeper, more robust directions. The protocol is a useful complement to SAMR, TPACK, Triple E, the ISTE Standards for Students, and other frameworks that international schools may be using, and also is an excellent capacity-building bridge to more complex inquiry and PBL projects. 


In the school leadership track we will use both the 4 Shifts Protocol and Scott’s new research-based Portrait of a Deeper Learning Leader. In all of these tracks we will discuss both face-to-face and blended / remote learning contexts.

Choose your track!

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