Transitioning to Online Instructional Design: A Primer for Online Learning

If you have recently made the shift to online learning and want to improve your practice, this PD will cover the pedagogy, effective strategies and best practices from the fields of instructional design and learning science to help you keep online learning meaningful and engaging.

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Project Based Learning (PBL) 101: Start Your First Project

If you are interested in exploring PBL but don't know where to start, this PD is for you. We will look at how to design meaningful projects with teacher-made examples and connect learning to content standards while providing opportunities for students to express their unique strengths. Plan to develop and deliver your first project with the guidance and resources from this PD.

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Maker Educator Certificate

This certificate course is a hands-on introductory program for educators, specialists, and leadership of any division in a school or institution that seeks to develop or strengthen Maker Learning. The certificate focuses on participants collaboratively constructing a foundation of the Maker Learning pedagogy, frameworks, and methods for integration in any subject area. 


The Maker Educator Certificate is an intensive, hands-on, minds-on program that equips participants with everything needed to bring Making into schools and institutions. Participants explore Maker Learning through hands-on activities, case studies, and classroom examples. In addition, the Certificate Program explores the educational theory, practices, and approaches to successfully integrate learning through Making in the classroom. 

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